It's been so long since I posted anything here.  Sheesh!  Baby spent a year in Waco, and is now closer to home again, in Decatur.  At least it's drivable distance and he was home with the rest of the family for Christmas.  Last year (2015 ... don't ask me where it went) was a year I'd like to forget, filled with medical and job upheavals with hubby, and job upheaval for me.  I'm now officially unemployed.  Maybe I'll finally get around to actually writing, which I keep threatening to do.  I'll believe it when I read it. 

Oh and where did the warm go?  I know we;ve had a relatively warm winter, but right now it's downright FRIGID here in Wisconsin. 
It's official.  My baby -- my youngest son, who turns 25 today  (Happy Birthday!!!) -- is now officially living in Waco, Texas.  His company (Caterpillar)  moved him there with a quick 1 month notice, cutting short his job rotation in Peoria. He didn't even have time to come home for a visit before moving. :(  No more weekend drives home for him. Peoria to Milwaukee was doable, but Waco...?  He'll have to fly.  Not likely to be a frequent event.   We'll probably see him at Christmas this year, but only for a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks -- the Texas Caterpillar facility he is now at does not shut down, so he won't have that time off.  He'll be in Texas for probably 2 years, so I gave him whatever Texas living advice I could remember from my years living in Austin (oh so long ago).  Maybe we'll win the lottery and be able to fly down to visit HIM.  That would be a nice change, and it would be nice to see Texas again.  Sounds like a plan.  Now if only the numbers would cooperate.  And if only we would buy a lottery ticket... 
I realize I am not posting nearly enough here.  Heck, I don't post nearly enough anywhere, not that my thoughts are really worth posting. And I don't cross-post to LJ -- probably because I really haven't figured out how to do that.  Meh.   Anyway, I just thought I'd put up a Happy New Year wish to all and sundry.   May 2013 be better than 2012.  At least the world is still *here*.  For now. 
Sandy Hook ...  Hurricane Sandy...   Anyone besides me find it just a bit weird the name "Sandy" is connected to two recent events of great loss -- both within a stone's throw of each other on the map?  

Or maybe it's just my brain misfiring again.  Still...  *sigh*
I decided to make a change in the look of my journal.  Not that I post often enough to get bored with my old trusty Purple. But like anyone who has worn the same set of clothes for too long, there comes a time to put on something new.  So I've picked a new (to me anyway) journal style that I rather like the look of.  We'll see how long it takes me to decide I want to wear something else here.
PTDD.  Post Tax Day Depression.  Or maybe it should be euphoria?  I got 'em finished, and submitted on time.  Go me.  Unfortunately, my head hurts after dealing with all those numbers.  Why the feds have to make things so damn convoluted, I don't know.  I don't make or HAVE enough money to make it necessary to have things be really complicated.  But there's no such thing as a "simple" tax form. 

Whatever.  At least, according to my calculations anyway, they owe me a few bucks.  I'm gonna go buy some Excedrin with my refund. 
It's a bit late, I know.  Five days into 2010, and I'm just now getting around to wishing Happy New Year to folks.  I'll just blow my worn out little noisemaker and slink back into the shadows for a while, shall I?   2010.  Damn, and here I just got used to writing 2009!  


Dec. 8th, 2009 11:09 am
Yes!.  I am a circle.  Only a circle off two, but...  Well it's a start anyway.  I'll get the hang of stuff around here soon.  :)
So... my first dreamwidth post. Moody describes me at the moment. Under the weather, and fighting off whatever infection is trying to take hold just leaves me feeling a bit bruised right now, so the purple color pick seems appropriate. I'll probably change it tomorrow, but, we'll see. Thanks to [personal profile] kaigou for the invite.



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